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The housing market is currently as competitive as it’s ever been. It’s important to get every leg up on other homes that you can if you want to sell your property quickly, and for the best value. Those who go the for-sale-by-owner route won’t have the luxury of getting this advice from a real estate agent, but they still need to know! That’s why we’ve put together this list of five ways to maximize your home’s value.

Give Your Home A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Did you know that a $30 gallon of paint can lead to a higher sale price? Of course, don’t go throwing lime green or fire engine red up on every wall. Just add a new layer of your existing colors, or if possible, try to replace it with a more neutral color that still goes with your current design. Muted colors are much more universal than deep or flashy shades, so if you can save homebuyers future time by having the interior be lined with calm, neutral tones, their budget will go further and you’ll likely sell faster.

We recommend checking out Good Housekeeping’s 15 Top Paint Color Trends to Keep on Your Radar for 2022 if you plan on repainting before listing.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Photo by Matt Blair

First impressions are everything, and the second a potential homebuyer pulls up to your property is one of the most crucial moments in the selling (and buying) process. That’s why curb appeal is so important. Especially in a city like Buffalo, how you achieve this will change seasonally, and sometimes even more rapidly than that.

In the Spring, begin landscaping as soon as possible, as Buffalo winters can be absolutely brutal on your lawn. Even if you don’t plan on listing until the Summer, a little bit of early yard work can pay dividends on your property’s curb appeal.

In the Summer, make sure your lawn is freshly cut. Plant some flowers to dress up the exterior of your home, and use mulch to improve the overall aesthetic and increase the health of your soil. If you don’t possess a green thumb, consider a Buffalo-based landscaping company like McMillan’s Landscaping.

In the Fall, make sure that your yard is free of excess leaves. Decorate your porch with fall colors and plant some chrysanthemums, which complement fall foliage beautifully.

In the Winter (not that someone familiar with Buffalo’s infamous winter weather needs to hear this) but make sure your sidewalk and driveway are clear of all snow and ice. Purchase some solar lights and position them at the front of your landscape to combat the limited daylight.

Be Company-Clean And Rid Of Clutter

This may seem redundant, but your home should be completely free of unnecessary clutter before going on the market. Make all living spaces accessible, along with the attic and basement. If a potential homebuyer doesn’t have access to the entire home, they’re much less likely to purchase.
Even if you use your attic/basement for storage, make sure it’s well-organized and the points of entry aren’t inhibited by your belongings. While these spaces are storage areas for you, they could be an extra bedroom or family room for the future homeowners.

Stage Your Home

Taking the idea of “company-clean” one step further, it’s important that you capture the senses immediately when someone enters your home. Homebuying is an emotional process, so the more senses we can tug on, the better! Candles that compliment the colors in the opening room, and that don’t overwhelm the pallet, provided a warm and positive welcome. Put out some fresh baked snacks and have a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen, both for the smell, and for their enjoyment.

Do Your Floors Justice

Wall to wall carpeting can help create a cozy feeling in your home, but it can also hold in old scents and dirt, especially if you have pets. Before you begin showing your home, it’s imperative that you have your carpets cleaned. Whether you decide to do this yourself, or want to hire a local crew like Chem-Dry of Buffalo is completely up to you.
If your carpet is old and likely to be ripped out by the next homeowner, consider replacing it yourself, or maybe showcasing the hardwood floors you’ve been covering it up with (should they be in good shape).
We go through the different ways to maximize a home’s value with everyone who chooses to sell with The Gatas Team. If you’re getting ready to list, give us a call and see how we can help you get the most out of your home.